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Signing Automation

Securely automate any signing workflow

Turnkey empowers teams to automate complex signing workflows at scale without compromising on security or flexibility. Our API and policy engine provide the building blocks for creating custom automation solutions that fit your specific needs, from smart contract interactions to staking management.

Why automate with Turnkey?

Turnkey's secure, flexible, and scalable private key infrastructure is built on a custom secure-enclave-based architecture, ensuring the highest level of protection for your automated signing workflows. With Turnkey, you can:

  • Automate millions of signatures with customizable security controls
  • Implement role-based access controls and multi-party approvals
  • Support any blockchain or asset type with our chain-agnostic, arbitrary signing capabilities
  • Easily migrate existing wallets and keys in and out of Turnkey
  • Minimize attack surface area with our paranoid security model

Code examples

Explore our code examples to see Turnkey's signing automation in action:

deployerCompile and deploy a smart contract
rebalancerA demo application which showcases an example of how to use Turnkey for managing multiple types of keys & users
sweeperSweep funds from one address to a different address
trading-runnerA sample application demonstrating a trading operation, using various private keys, users, and policies, powered by Uniswap

Other use cases

Staking operations

Staking teams can use Turnkey to streamline their operations and secure their keys. Automate critical workflows like:

  • Mnemonic and key generation
  • Rewards claiming and distribution
  • Network voting and governance actions