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Using Turnkey’s flexible infrastructure, you can programmatically create and manage sub-organizations for your end-users. sub-organizations aren't subject to size limits: you can create as many sub-organizations as needed. The parent organization has read-only visibility into all of its sub-organizations, and activities performed in sub-organizations roll up to the parent for billing purposes.

We envision sub-organizations being very useful to model your End-Users if you're a business using Turnkey for key management. Let's explore how.

Creating Sub-Organizations

Creating a new sub-organization is an activity performed by the parent organization. The activity itself takes the following attributes as inputs:

  • organization name
  • a list of root users
  • a root quorum threshold
  • [optional] a wallet (note: in versions prior to V4, this was a private key)

Root users can be programmatic or human, with one or many credentials attached.

Using Sub-Organizations

Sub-Organizations as Wallets explains how you might want to use this primitive as a way to model end-user controlled wallets, or custodial wallets. If you have another use-case in mind, or questions/feedback on this page, reach out to!