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An organization is a logical grouping of resources (e.g. users, policies, wallets). These resources can only be accessed by authorized and permissioned users within the organization. Resources are not shared between organizations.

Root Quorum

All organizations are controlled by a Root Quorum which contains the root users and the required threshold of approvals to take any action. Only the root quorum can update the root quorum or feature set.


Organizations can opt-in or opt-out of the following features:

FEATURE_NAME_EMAIL_AUTHEnables email authentication activitiesEnabledCan only be initiated by a parent organization for a sub-organization.
FEATURE_NAME_EMAIL_RECOVERYEnables email recovery activitiesEnabledCan only be initiated by a parent organization for a sub-organization.
FEATURE_NAME_WEBAUTHN_ORIGINSThe origin Webauthn credentials are scoped toDisabledParent organization feature applies to all sub-organizations.

If not enabled, sub-organizations default to allowing all origins: "*". For Passkey WaaS, we highly recommend enabling this feature.

Example value: ""
FEATURE_NAME_WEBHOOKA URL to receive activity notification eventsDisabledThis feature is currently experimental.

Example value: ""


All activity requests are subject to enforcement by Turnkey's policy engine. The policy engine determines if a request is allowed by checking the following:

  • Does this request violate our feature set?
    • Email recovery cannot be initiated if disabled
    • Email auth cannot be initiated if disabled
  • Should this request be denied by default?
    • All import requests must target your own user
  • Does this request meet the root quorum threshold?
  • What is the outcome of evaluating this request against all organization policies? Outcomes include:
    • OUTCOME_ALLOW: the request is allowed to process
    • OUTCOME_REQUIRES_CONSENSUS: the request needs additional approvals
    • OUTCOME_REJECTED: the request should be rejected
    • OUTCOME_DENY_EXPLICIT: the request has been explicitly denied via policies
    • OUTCOME_DENY_IMPLICIT: the request has been implicity denied as no policies grant the required permissions
  • Should this request be allowed by default?
    • Users can manage their own credentials unless policies explicitly deny this

Resource Limits

Organizations have resource limits for performance and security considerations. If you're bumping into these limits, check out sub-organizations below.


A sub-organization is an isolated organization that has a pointer to a parent organization. The parent organization has read access to all sub-organizations, but no write access. This means users within the parent organization have no ability to use wallets or alter any resources in the sub-organization.

For more information on sub-organizations and common use cases for this functionality, follow along in the next section 👉.