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Turnkey's API is a remote procedure call (RPC) API. We chose RPC-over-HTTP for convenience and ease-of-use. Most of our users should be able to integrate with our API without a major re-architecture of their existing systems.

Many client libraries are available to make requests to a RPC/HTTP API, across many languages. Turnkey will provide SDKs for the most popular programming languages. For other languages, a RPC/HTTP API ensures there is an easy integration path available via raw http clients.


If you look at the API reference you'll notice that all API calls to Turnkey are HTTP POST requests. Requests contain a POST body and a header with a digital signature over the POST body. We call this digitial signature a Stamp.

Requests must be stamped by registered user credentials and verified by Turnkey's secure enclaves before they are processed. This ensures cryptographic integrity end-to-end which eliminates the ability for any party to modify a user's request.

Queries and Submissions

Turnkey's API is divided into 2 broad categories: queries and submissions.

  • Queries are read requests (e.g. get_users, list_users)
  • Submissions are requests to execute a workload (e.g. create_policy, sign_transaction, delete_user)

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