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Submissions are requests to securely execute a workload. Submission URL paths are prefixed with /public/v1/submit. Submissions requests, if valid, produce an Activity.


Activities typically create, modify, or utilize a resource within Turnkey and are subject to consensus or condition enforcement via the policy engine. Activities are executed optimistically synchronous. This means that if we can process the request synchronously, we will. Otherwise, we'll fallback to asynchronous processing. Your services or applications should account for this by checking the response for the activity state:

  • If activity.state == ACTIVITY_STATUS_COMPLETED, activity.result field will be populated.
  • If activity.state == ACTIVITY_STATUS_FAILED, activity.failure field will be populated (soon).
  • If activity.state == ACTIVITY_STATUS_CONSENSUS_NEEDED, additional signatures are required to process the request.
  • If activity.state == ACTIVITY_STATUS_PENDING, the request is processing asynchronously.

You can get activity status updates by:

  • Re-submitting the request. See the notes on idempotency below.
  • Polling get_activity with the


The submission API is idempotent. For each request, the POST body is hashed into a fingerprint. Any two requests with the same fingerprint are considered the same request. If you resubmit the request, you'll get the same activity. If you want a new activity, you should modify the request timestamp timestampMs to produce a new fingerprint.